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Peace of Mind

​​We aim to make all of our customers feel safe and secure all year round

  1. Security Staff
    Morgan Security Prides itself for providing our clients with well trained, Licensed, dedicated and uniformed Security Professionals tailored to the specific needs of our clients.Our security personnel are presentable, courteous, professional and fluent in verbal and written language skills
  2. Mobile Patrol
    Morgan Security Mobile Vehicle Patrol is a cost effective solution where static officers are not practical or necessory.We can also patrol unattended sites at nights, weekends or through the holidays.Each client is provided with a daily report or the incident report depending upon the requirement
  3. Concierge
    Our exclusive concierge services promote a welcoming environment.Our services include Access control, reception service,Mail services and switchboard operator services.We thoroughly understand the importance of first impression along with the security and safety to the valuable assets of our clients

Industries Served

Hotels and Shopping Centres

Financial Institutions

Educational Institutes

Construction Sites

Residential Communities

Health Care Facilities

                             Security  Services
Morgan Security is proudly serving for all of these services as per our committment to excellence and professionalism-
Residential and Public-

  • Apartment buildings
  • Corporate buildings
  • Condominiums
  • Hotels
  • Fire watch
  • Malls and plazas
  • Educational institutes and hospitals
  • Financial institutes
  • Airport
  • Labour disputes and lockouts
  • Special events
  • Concierge services


  • Warehouse
  • Fire watch
  • Construction sites
  • Alarm monitoring
  • Truck yards
  • Retail security services and loss prevention
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Parking lots
  • Access control
  • Bicycle/automobile patrol
  • Loss prevention
  • Key holding services
  • property management companies

Morgan Security strive to provide efficient, reliable and quality service to our valuable clients.We always keep in mind our client's priorities.We thoroughly understand that security professional in your premises not only present Morgan security but also reflect the establishment.Our security personnel go an extra mile to understand our clients culture and core values to add on in the first impression while ensuring the safety of your assets and life in your premises  read more


"We just want to keep you safe"
Get your free quote to set up  security plans for your business or residential premises.We get back to you as soon as possible or atleast within  24 hrs.We highly recommend you to fill all the sections in the form so that we can serve you the best